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Melanie Peters Bright

Photographer, Story Catcher, Facilitator

While I’ve always loved taking pictures, I really started to study the art of photography six years ago as an outlet for healing.  My Dad was an avid photographer and I learned the joy of it from him.

Being out in nature, looking all around me, is very therapeutic.  Being mindful of the small things and creatures sharing their environment with me is humbling.  Observing the immense force of Mother Nature is awe inspiring for me.  I’m on a constant journey to learn how to capture these images with the respect they deserve.  Attempting to capture the energy or emotion I feel when I’m looking thru my camera’s view finder is my goal.  It continually amazes me what other people can see in some of my images.  The reflections in water, a bug on a flower, the cloud formations, these things speak to other people and, in some cases, give them strong emotions.

As a Metis woman, it’s important to me that I take time to pay attention to the beauty, peace and sometimes turmoil the universe has put in front of me.  I try to capture these emotions in my images. 

I’m a story teller and a healer.  

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